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Here at LW Fire, Security and Electrical, I pride myself on providing only the very best and most advanced CCTV technology available in the industry. Over my 10 years of electrical engineering experience, I have been extremely fortunate to have worked on a variety of different electrical systems that have helped to inform my knowledge and skill. During my time as a Shropshire based contractor, the one thing that I have noticed in particular is the rise in CCTV installations, both commercial and residential. eget.




Commercial CCTV Installation


CCTV is an extremely effective way to increase the overall security of your business site. During my extensive time in the industry, I have installed and maintained hundreds of CCTV systems across the Shropshire and Cheshire areas, and am very well versed in a vastly differing range of CCTV systems. 


Some benefits of having a commercial CCTV system are:

  • A Visual Deterrent - CCTV systems act as an excellent visual deterrent to possible criminals in the area; any footage that is found of criminal activity on your property can be used for any legal proceedings you may undertake.
  • Monitors Staff Safety - An internal and external CCTV system is an excellent way to ensure staff safety, as well as monitoring behaviour.


Provides Peace of Mind - Most modern CCTV systems can be accessed directly from a smartphone or PC; for ultimate peace of mind no matter where you are.


Residential CCTV Installation


During my time in the industry, residential CCTV installations have increased dramatically, with more and more home-owners choosing to protect their homes with this affordable and simple home security method.


Some benefits of having a residential CCTV system are:

  • Peace Of Mind - No matter where you are, you can feel at peace knowing your home is under round-the-clock supervision
  • A Visual Deterrent - Criminals like vandals and burglars are far less inclined to trespass if they spot a CCTV system, and any criminal footage found can be used for prosecution 
  • Low Price, High Quality - Affordable, durable, and expert installation means you can secure your home without breaking the bank.


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