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Fire & Intruder Alarm Installation


No matter your type of property, be it commercial or residential, it is imperative that a proper fire alarm system is installed to protect you, your property and all of its contents. Most importantly of course, fire alarm systems are essential because they save countless lives every single day; if you want full protection and security from any potential fires that may occur on your property, then LW Fire, Security & Electrical is here to help.


The Home Office reports that 84% of intruders avoid properties with a clear intruder alarm in place…


Intruder alarms are also an extremely effective method of preventing any potential criminal activity that may occur on your residential or commercial property. Thousands of businesses and home-owners alike are opting to protect their properties with this preventative technology, and like-minded people across Whitchurch are doing the same. Most people prefer to have their fire and intruder alarms integrated together for ultimate protection and peace of mind. 


Some benefits of having these systems installed include:


  • Deters Vandals & Theft: a visible intruder alarm deters any potential criminal activity from occurring on your property.
  • Rapid Response: if an intruder and/or fire alarm is triggered, it will instantly notify people on your property of any danger they may be in quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduces Business Disruption: daily activities are less likely to be interrupted if an alarm system is in place.
  • Peace of Mind: you can relax knowing that your property and everyone inside is safe and protected.


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“Liam provided an exceptionally professional service for a very reasonable price. He not only completed the work quickly but also gave me some useful advice that will really help as my project develops. All in all he's a really nice lad that clearly knows his trade and I couldn’t recommend him enough.”


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